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Outside The Panels

Aug 1, 2022

Outside the Panels and The Machine is back with yet another Kickstarter project for you to take a look at. Omen Comics CEO Michael Nunneley is on the show taking about his latest Kickstarter Dragon Girl /Abino Warrior #1, due to start on 15th Aug! Get the low down first, where else but Outside the Panels!!!!!


Jul 22, 2022

Love Kickstarters, so does The machine and this time on Outside the Panel, The Machine is talking with German Writers Joerg Alberts and Roland Heep about their soon to be completed project Back To Fairtaylia! With a 200% pledge you are guaranteed to see the book, so fins out what its’ all bout and how Jumanji, It,...

Jul 14, 2022

Outside the Panels and The Machine is back, and along with the Machine, Isaac Fox returns to talk about his new Kickstarter. Cremisi #2 live and fully pledged NOW. The Machine and Isaac talk comics, influences and providing fan service. Check out the Kickstarter right after you find yourself Outside the Panels.

Jul 7, 2022

Outside the Panels is back with The Machine talking to none other than Dennis Hopeless about his new book from Vault Comics, Heart Eyes. Join them as they talk Lovecraftian, Romeo & Juliet meets the apocalypse and spend time chatting about Spider-Woman and Jean Grey to boot! Where else would it be but, OUTSIDE...

May 28, 2022

Outside the Panels returns with a heady mix of Blade Runner meets Black Mirror meets short Circuit? Join The Machine as he chats to ID-10T Error creator / writer Matt McGrath about his new Kickstarter, live now, detailing the further cat and mouse adventures of Bradley and his AI! Where else would comedy and horror mix...